7 thoughts on “Dink Smallwood HD for Android released

  1. Coleb

    this is a gem for me and when i saw it for android i thought it would be cool to play but for some reason it finished installing i played till i got to the part were dink’s house burned down and my phone froze up and i couldn’t shut it off i took the battery out and it freezes at start up I’m using a Motorola back-flip blur 2.1-update unrooted

  2. Seth Post author

    Hmm… strange. Is it reproducible? Dink is now freezing when you start it? You can stop it from auto-restoring the last saved state by deleting “continue_state.dat” from your SD card. It will be in /android/data/com.rtsoft.rtdink/dink

  3. Marcus

    I bought the game to my SE X8 (1.6 android) and it doesn’t run smoothly at all, sadly… Dink continues to move often even though I’m not pressing anything. Another problem is the fighting part. It’s very frustrating to do it because Dink only hits about 2/4 of the times I press attack (and the touch works very well otherwise).

    The game also freezes A LOT for me.

  4. Seth Post author

    Thanks for the feedback. Looking at the specs (600 mhz) it should be able to run Dink ok.

    Hmm, I’ll have to get my hands on an X8 for testing.

  5. Marcus

    With a recent update to android 2.1, I haven’t encountered many (if any) problems that I listed above. I’ll continue gaming and get back to you with a new status report.

  6. John

    Hey, just wanted to let you know, I could not play it on a myTouch 3.5mm…it downloads but will not install….

  7. Seth Post author

    Hmm, is it older than 2.2 so it won’t install to SD card? If so, I’ve been advising people to get 90 MB free for the install. Android’s install process seems to very greedy about space…

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