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Dink Smallwood is my RPG from back in the day. Now also for mobile devices.

Dink Smallwood HD open sourced, new interview, new version coming

I’ve been working on Dink HD to greatly improve it for a new release, you can help test it here! It’s been open sourced (on the RTsoft subversion server) as well so feel free to contribute patches.  The plan is to release it free on all platforms soon as I can, until then, it won’t run on iOS 11.

Also a new interview about the making of Dink is here.  Talks about its low sales and making games as an indie in general.

That old game Dink Smallwood is now playable in a browser!

Here is the full version of the RPG Dink Smallwood playable in desktop Chrome/Firefox by using Proton’s emscripten html5 export:


Play it here! (Note: that is an outdated version, a much better version is now available here)

It’s not perfect, here is what’s wrong with it/missing:

  • No midi playback.  The fake SDL audio wrapper can’t handle it I guess although I didn’t really even try.  Anyone know a easy way to play Midi via emscripten?  All the CD audio does play though.
  • While save/load quicksave/quickload all work perfectly, nothing is actually saved if you close your browser window.  It’s possible but requires some async save/loading I didn’t feel like dealing with right now.  But this means don’t really play the game, you’ll lose everything!
  • The in-game DMOD download and install system amazingly does work, but only with Mystery Island because that dmod is hosted on the same domain.  It isn’t saved when the browser closes
  • No gamepad support
  • It’s big, it’s like a 40-50 mb download (not sure how well the web compression works) and has no loading bar during the initial load.  Wish emscripten’s .html maker would include one!  Anybody know how to add one easy? Maybe I should actually learn javascript someday.
  • Very unlikely it works on iOS Safari, only actually tested with Chrome on Windows

It’s an early step, but it’s very possible to setup some kind of system where you could click on any of the 300+ dmods on Dink Network and have them be (near) instantly playable right there in your browser.

Here’s another old game of mine exported to html5 with emscripten, Dungeon Scroll.

iCade and Xperia controllers now supported in Dink Smallwood HD Android

Have an iCade laying around?  Well, start up Dink Smallwood HD V1.6.0 on your Android and enjoy beating down ducks and pigs in style.  If your device will pair with an iCade, it will work great with Dink.

Also added support for the Xperia gamepad and fixed an issue where DMOD midi music wasn’t working right on some devices.

(on iOS?  The iCade update is coming soon!)

Dink now on Touchpad.. but a bug

UPDATE:  The issue described below has been fixed in V1.50, go update, touchpad users!


Hey, you can now grab Dink for webOS!  But sadly, I made two mistakes in  the current version:

1.  Talk button doesn’t work right (touchpad only) it sort of instantly selects stuff, only happens right at the start of the game. ( After a help dialog is shown)  To fix it:  Pause and unpause the game, it will be corrected.

2. I accidentally limited it to webos 2.0+ devices – no reason, it runs fine on a webos 1.45 Pre as well.

Will be submitting a fix for both of these today… anyway, lesson of the day, test your stuff better than I do… !