Dink Smallwood HD for Android open beta released – Help me test it!

Ok, for those kind souls that offered to test Dink…

EDIT Nov 24th: Beta test has been concluded.

I’ve gone ahead and released it today.

A few notes on the changes since the beta:

  • I DID add Menu button to also bring up the pause screen as suggested but removed it after accidently hitting in four times in a minute while playing with the trackball on the Nexus One.  I’m afraid to leave it in until I can give that some more thought.
  • I didn’t add a 180-flip option yet –  maybe for the next version
  • I fixed a serious problem with sometimes crashing/not reloading images after turning the phone off/on
  • .apk size down to 23 MB.  If I get too many “I couldn’t install it” or “it’s too big, you fool” I’ll probably switch things around to download separately, but I think a two-step download process would introduce nearly as many problems as well
  • Moved speed-up icon a bit so you’re less likely to accidentally hit the inventory icon

To those that left comments/emailed me:  Thanks for the help guys, I’ve added your names to the credits and I’d like to offer you complementary copies of Dink.  Just drop me an email with a paypal address and name and I’ll hook you up.  (Yeah, that’s the easiest way for me to do it I believe)

25 thoughts on “Dink Smallwood HD for Android open beta released – Help me test it!

  1. Andrew

    Working nicely on the Dell Streak so far. Feels very polished.

    One thing I noticed is that when one of the initial tutorial dialogs comes up, if I was pressing the on screen D-pad, after I tap to dismiss the dialog Dink is stuck running in the direction the D-pad was being pressed when the dialog popped up, until I press another direction. Seems like the dialog popup is preventing the touch release event from getting triggered. Not a showstopper, but a little surprising the first time it happened.

  2. Andrew

    Okay, new bug: after locking the screen (“Hangup” button on most Android phones, dedicated “Power” button on the Streak) then unlocking again all touchable controls (D-pad, rabbit, pause, etc) appear as semi-transparent grey squares, without the expected textures. Currently running factory Android 1.6.

  3. Rob

    Samsung Fascinate
    Android 2.1

    After leaving the house and heading north to feed the pigs, when screen would normally transition the game exits without error.

    I suggest using ACRA for error catching:

    I use it in my app and it is amazing. I can share my PHP script with you if you want to use the “custom script” mode.

  4. Brett

    Attempts to install on Moto Droid running CyanogenMod 6.0 reboots the phone and leaves the game partially installed and the phone very upset. I have to go in with shell and manually remove bits of files related to installing the app on the sd card. Logcat shows OOM errors but not much else. Logcat available here: http://pastebin.com/FZWEkUgW Good stuff starts at line 1022.

    Let me know if you need more info! Really looking forward to this!

  5. Davor

    Wait! An update to my status! Disabled pic smoothing and game runs at ~49 FPS indoors and ~20 FPS outdoors :D (in the game, of course)

  6. Davor

    Oh, one more thing. When playing and trying to talk to characters, I press the magnifying glass and it registers as I have pressed it two times, thus automatically selecting the first possible response.

  7. Chris Black

    Hi. I installed this on my TMobile G2 and so far it’s been working perfectly. No lag or button press glitches so far.

  8. Seth Post author

    Rzuf: Hmm, I’m going to reduce the .apk size. I think I can shave another 4-5 mb off without loss. Unsure if that’s enough though.

    Andrew: Thanks, will try to fix

    Marcus: Thanks, download the file and let me know!

    Brett: Hm, I looked through the log (thanks!) it looks like the PackageManager is running out of memory during install.

    I don’t know if this would help, but maybe try setting the “VM heap size” to 32m? Some info here: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?title=Customizing_CyanogenMod#Performance_settings

    It did work ok on someone elses Droid so I’m thinking it’s related to Cyanogenmod somehow? Or available mem at the time.

    Davor: Very interesting. I guess that phone has a high penalty for enabling bi-linear filtering, strange, wouldn’t have expected that. Odd about the double click as well, will take a close look at the code.

    Rob, that ACRA looks cool, will see about integrating it at some point. If you happen to notice an error message in your log for now please let me know, I’m really stumped by that crash.

    Anyway, this test is proving veeeery helpful (great to know it runs ok on a few devices at least!) so thanks. I guess my plan is to put up a new version in a day or so when I think I’ve addressed what I can.

  9. Brett

    @Seth – Setting the VM heap to 32 MB worked. This does seem like a bug in CyanogenMod so I’ll post to their issue tracker. Thanks for all the work…I’m off to play this a bit :)

  10. Seth Post author

    Holding down the rabbit icon causes the entire game to run in
    “turbo speed” mode, this is good for skipping boring cutscenes or text.

  11. Erik

    Pretty slick on my motodroid. I do encounter the previously mentioned trouble where Dink continues to move in the direction he was going at the time he transitioned screens even if I’m not touching the on screen dpad anymore.

    Both onscreen dpad and drag anywhere work fine. I get between 27 and 30 FPS consistent.

    Hardware menu button doesn’t bring up in game menu but hardware back does. That seems silly.

  12. Seth Post author

    Thanks guys.

    Erik – Thanks, I’ll make the menu button also bring up the menu, yeah, logical. :D

    You think I should make the back button do something different while playing the game?

  13. Brett

    I agree about the menu button–It’d be nice to have that bring up the pause screen. During the game, maybe the back button can prompt to quick save and exit to the Dink menu in one action?

    A few other things: I love the bunny icon feature, but it’s in an uncomfortable place. To use it, my right thumb has to reach over and hold it down, which obscures a good chunk of the screen. What about moving it to below the pause button? Or maybe I just have fat fingers.

    I’ve been playing with the different controls and think I prefer the onscreen joystick. Does it seem too large for anyone else? Pushing the right arrow seems like a stretch for me, but maybe I just have stubby fingers.

    One of my favorite features for a Nesdroid is being able to flip the upside down…extremely useful for phones with a physical keyboard that has directional controls on the right side. Worth implementing?

  14. Coleb

    this may be to late but i have a unrooted motorola backflip and i cannot install it will hang for a while and then reboot the phone leaving nothing installed i have the newest update 2.1-update 1 that just came out so is there a way to do the vm without rooting or something

  15. Erik

    Seth –
    Not sure about the back button, as I didn’t play long enough to know what my instincts were. Perhaps a simple “Exit to main menu y/n” dialog would suffice. It needs to do *something* exitish to accord with user expectations. Tricky

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  17. Seth Post author


    I think it might require something like 90 mb free to install for some reason on pre 2.2 devices. The apk is 24 MB so I really don’t know why it needs that much space during the install process.

    If it refuses to install and you or anyone else has any trouble getting a refund just drop me a line via email and I can do it from this end.

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