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  1. Intenex

    Uh…is that even possible? (I don’t know, maybe I’ve missed something these past few days)

  2. DaVince

    Dude. No. You can NOT get the Dink source code in Java, because it was written in an entirely different language.

    You want Dink in Java, good luck porting the source code. Or making it from scratch.

    By the way, I’m going to try and compile Dink in Linux now, using “winemaker”. Hope it works.

  3. Scriptiz

    I would be happy to release something like a FreeDink wich could be compiled on Linux or other Unix based system.
    But not alone ^^ Contact me if you have time and patience :P

  4. saint_orion

    Can i get the source code in your blogs sir !?!! in my last task i want to make a java games,..so i need i game with source code for learn… If you have pls contack me,..thanks befor ^_^

    Nice too meet you

  5. Arnaud Boutonné

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Arnaud Boutonné, I’m the PR Officer, co-project administrator and Engine Developer of ScummVM, which is an opensource project reliving 2D adventure games of the past by reimplementing their engines in C++, in a highly portable way (more than 30 platforms) under a GPLv2+ license.

    With another of the most active developers of ScummVM, and with the approval and support of other ScummVM administrators and key developers, we are planning to launch a sister project of ScummVM targeting specifically 2D RPG Games. We already have 2 mostly working engines, one for the Xeen trilogy and one for Adventures of Robin Hood.

    I wanted to ask you, even if your licensing is very permissive, if you see any objection for adding Dink Smallwood engine in such a project.

    If you have no objection, I propose that I introduce you at least to the other (future) founder of RogueVM (as it’ll be the name of this new project) so we can share some opinions, if you have some time for that.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback
    Best regards,
    Arnaud Boutonné aka Strangerke

  6. Seth Post author

    Hi Arnaud,

    Feel free to use the original Dink source/media, the only thing I request is that “Dink Smallwood” isn’t the main name of the project so it won’t pollute searches for our updated GL version (Dink Smallwood HD). For example, there is a multiplatform port called Freedink, which is cool with me. Since the name of your project is RogueVM I don’t see that as an issue.

    Warning: The updated GL version will likely also go open source a bit later, but if you’re interesting in preserving the original version (bugs and all) then that wouldn’t matter.

    More Dink files (including its media which was also open sourced) here: http://www.rtsoft.com/wiki/doku.php?id=dink

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