Tanked V1.04 sneak preview

Tanked 1.04 coming soon, with new levels!

Here are some shots of the new maps coming in the next version:

On a side note, I almost made a horrible mistake with this level – if you pushed in the right place, you could climb the pyramid.

In a single player game this would be a funny easter egg – in a multiplayer battle this could have been used for griefing due to no vertical aiming, you’d have to follow the player up to kill him and games based on kills could take forever.  I hope I fixed it!

New feature> Private games

The next version allows private games by a “room name”.  Eight friends in a single room or spread out across the globe with different device types – either way you get instant, easy multi-player action.

Or don’t tick that box and the automatic match making will find a game for you.  The “prefer smaller levels” option is for people who have bad connections or just like more intimate battles.

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