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I sell my games in various markets such as the App Store and the Android Market. Users have the option of leaving comments.

I don’t really have a way to reply there so I thought it might be fun to pick out the harshest/most interesting/important ones and answer them!

Comment on Mind Wall from Palm user John E:

“Like the game but find it odd that one: they delete scores more than 30 days old and two: all the top scores are from Japan. Other than that great game.”

Seth’s Answer: It’s true about the 30 days, I think this makes the highscore tables more fun and “immediate”. However, I do also keep track of “all time” scores near the bottom of this page.

I’m not sure the abundance of Japanese high scores is really a legitimate complaint.  I’ve received the majority of sales from Japan, which is fitting because it was a Japanese tv show that gave me the idea for the game in the first place!

Comment from Android user yookah about Dungeon Scroll:

At the end of the game what a waist . Game is Atari graphics and for your wife ,,,, uuuuglyyyyy ! Take the money and give her a make over!

Seth’s answer: It’s not often my mate’s aesthetics as well as her artistic creations are affronted at once so congrats on that. But what about the music??! I’ll assume you loved it to have gotten that far in the game.

AppBrain comment on Dungeon Scroll from Android user Watchdog49:

Total Ripoff! Won’t install but bugs me to update it all the time. E-mailed developer – no response, no refund no nothing!

Seth’s answer: Dungeon Scroll is fairly large (for Android) at 8 MB. To install it, you’ll need twice or three times that much free. For some mind blowing reason, Android doesn’t seem to check free space before the install and let you know clearly what is going on. Freeing up some space should help.

Secondly, I ALWAYS reply to emails that ask for help so I am positive I didn’t receive it or else my reply didn’t make it through. Please send again! I’ll always refund from my side if for some reason you can’t do it from yours, no questions asked.

3 thoughts on “Seth’s mailbag

  1. Chad Lung

    Interestingly enough I read those comments the other day and was thinking “WTF” especially the one about your wife. Reading comments on other Android apps (and the App Store when I had an iPhone) really doesn’t give me any confidence to launch apps since any person can leave a blistering comment that has no basis in reality or relevance to the game/app and it could impede sales. I honestly think the comment feedback system they use needs a major overhaul at a minimum.

    Some feedback is helpful to the developer, most however is a waste of time to read.

    I own Dungeon Scroll for the desktop, my girlfriend seen me playing it the other night and immediately wanted to play it. Its a fun addictive game.


  2. loken

    Everyone else who remembers you from the BBS days thinks you’re one lucky SOB, living in Japan with a beautiful and talented woman and some awesome kids.

    My girlfriend was visibly upset and jealous at seeing her picture after having thought she won your affection in LORD. =)

  3. G

    Well, I think your wife is absolutely gorgeous, and that yookah is a troll who can’t recognize the difference between ‘waist’ and ‘waste’.

    (No offense to real trolls, of course, although I’m really more of an elf guy.)

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