Apple may reject Dink Smallwood HD update for using word Dink

Hmm.  You know you named your game badly when you see a message like this!  I knew I should have gone with Dirk.

Er, anyway, update submitted today with some bug fixes.

Android Dink Update

Android version is coming along great.  I’ve got it down to a 26 MB download (iOS version is currently 85 mb!) , but I had to kill about 15 MB of the original sound track (in .ogg).

Still too big?  Any thoughts?  Of course it (and in-game DMOD downloading) installs to SD card by default.

Hmm, maybe I can make that an optional “Extended soundtrack” thing to download later, could even just be a DMOD, although it would sort of be weird to play the main game from the DMOD menu…

3 thoughts on “Apple may reject Dink Smallwood HD update for using word Dink

  1. Rob

    I don’t think 25mb is too large. As long as the app is worth that much space its worth it. A lot of apps that have large amounts of media will download it all to the SD card on first launch, so the actual install size is much smaller.

  2. Davor

    Yeah, you could do that, make it install all media to SD card so that it doesn’t consume that much space in the phone’s internal memory.

  3. John

    I would install it even if it was a 1GB…I have been waiting for this game to come to a real phone for a while…

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