Proton SDK updated

I’ve committed a big patch to the p+ svn with the following changes/improvements:

  • Locating files in large zips is now 10000% faster, added file entry cache based on stl::map
  • Huge improvement to the android build process, nearly all .java code is now shared between projects from /shared/android/src rather than having separate copies for each project.  Proguard relocated there also.
  • Added multitouch support for Android, did it the fancy way so we can still run on 1.6 devices as well.  Note: will seem buggyish on Nexus One, not my fault, it’s the phone HW
  • Fixed some issues with automatically restoring lost surfaces in Android, surfaces initialized as blank now automatically restore also (but will be blank)
  • Added trackball support (Android)
  • Added ArcadeInput component, converts trackball and keyboard input into direction pushes with push/release support, to make supporting input in Dink Smallwood HD easier
  • Added optional debug log tests for ArcadeInputComponent to RTBareBones app.  Yeah, it’s not very barebones anymore…
  • Small fix in 2DButtonComponent’s behavior with “click on touch” behavior, it no longer sends a click event from just the OnOver
  • GetClipboardText now works with android
  • Added android version of  CreateDirectoryRecursively
  • Added android version of  GetDirectoriesAtPath
  • Added android version of  GetFilesAtPath
  • Added android version of  RemoveDirectoryRecursively
  • VariantDB::Load and Save now take an optional bAddBasePath flag (defaults to yes, same functionalty as before)
  • Fixed typo in RTSimpleApp’s android manifest that stops the “prefer install to sd card” flag from working
  • RTSimpleApp improvements: Android back (or win escape) key now quits app from main menu, or goes “back” from sub menus
  • GetAppCachePath() now returns the path to where you should save on the SD card, or “” if no SD card or writeable external storage exists (Android)
  • Removed FMOD from iOS dirs, that wasn’t supposed to be there

I’ve also added a new article to the wiki:  Compiling for Android from Windows

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