7 thoughts on “Dink running on a Nexus One (android)

  1. Seth Post author

    Great! Yeah, because of the diversity of devices and Dink’s extended audio and control needs, I’ll do open betas like I did with android Dungeon Scroll, it worked out very well.

  2. Davor

    Sooo… When will the beta arrive? :D
    And, by the way, will we be able to import/export saves from/to the PC version?

  3. Seth Post author

    Hmm, probably looking at week or two before a beta. Wife is in India on business for a week and I’m now Mr. Mom so.. yeah.

    Saves are fully compatible with the desktop versions.

    You’ll have to get/put them on the SD card manually though. Unsure if that’s a pain or not, haven’t tried it yet.

  4. John

    if you need a Beta tester on the myTouch 3.5MM(Not sure if that matters) I am all game…been playing Dink since it first came out…love it!

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