Dev Diary: Networking and the Fling

Tank game: Networking is go!

Networking test of my new tank game, here is what that jumbled mess in the picture is:

  • iPad, iPhone, and two Windows clients are playing a four player game
  • Game server/matchmaker running on linux-based webserver running in the US
  • The game server lets me telnet to it directly to monitor it and give it commands
  • Using client prediction code, everybody moves silky smooth (it helps that tanks aren’t really able to suddenly reverse course like say, Quake)
  • Using enet with a mix of guaranteed/non-guaranteed packets for networking, it’s rock solid

I’m glad I’m finally getting into the networking side of things, haven’t really done anything real-time like this before and it’s been a blast.  Definitely something I will be focusing on in future titles as well.

RTsoft makes things like funeral parlor simulations,  how can a mundane tank game fit in?

The worrying thing is I really want this game to be unique and interesting and not “another dang tank game”.   This is a game where making a character pregnant or abusive (my usual way?)  just isn’t going to work so I’m going to have to dig deeper and do actual good game design I guess.  Got some ideas…

Using the Fling with Dink

I was sent a couple of Flings – a sort of gamepad for the iPad and by jove, it really works!  With no tweaking at all Dink HD controls absolutely great with it.  Only problem is selecting dialog and items is a bit sketchy, so I will be creating a “Fling-friendly” update soon.  It’s just that good.

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