Dink Smallwood “HD” released for Windows – yup, still free

Our old RPG Dink Smallwood has been free for quite a while, but today I present you with a free full “HD” version for Windows.

Yep, that's Dink being spread across two monitors. What? It's fun for a minute or two. Hold shift while dragging a border to allow incorrect aspect ratios like this.

It’s basically identical to the iOS/Android mobile versions minus the touch controls.  It’s the same code, which is built on Proton, so it’s a simple matter to dump out Windows builds so I might as well.  Thanks to the Dink Network lads and ladies for helping me test this.

Main differences between this and the old one are:

  • New GL rendering engine with anti-aliasing and custom screen resizing
  • Seamless built-in DMOD download/install/management
  • Includes the entire digital audio track from the original CD release
  • Hold TAB to speed up the game to skip boring cutscenes/text
  • Auto save every 5 minutes (FINALLY!)
  • Full state save when quitting, can also save/load anywhere with F1 and F8
  • Fixed many memory/file bugs from the original Dink
  • Save machine saved games are fully compatible with older versions, just copy the .dat files
  • Should work better with newer computers
  • Difficulty tweaked, some pop-up help things added to get new players started.
  • Natively runs at 32 bit color, now supports alpha channels in images
  • New audio system with .ogg support

The bad:

  • No gamepad support yet (what?  You never used it anyway)
  • Probably not 100% compatible with all DMODS (let me know when you find a problem, send me the save game and directions to reproduce the problem and I’ll take a look)

You can download it from here. (45 MB)

All in all, I think it’s easily the best way to experience Dink on a Windows PC now.

Let me know if you have any problems, new versions will just use the same filename.

6 thoughts on “Dink Smallwood “HD” released for Windows – yup, still free

  1. rzuf

    It crashed twice, during in-game screen transitions. (I believe it’s something with sound system, cause bg music was changing both times)
    Good thing ther’s auto-save thing around. :D

  2. definatelynotham

    Hitting me right in the nostalgia, I remember getting this freebie off a PC world cd way back in the day, keep it up Seth.:)

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