Android Market having credit card verification issues

Something is wrong with the Android market.  Yesterday the credit card rejection rate for our sales was near 80%.

The Android market team told me this:

We’ve made some changes recently that may have resolved the problem.
Please let us know if this error persists.

And indeed it seems things are working better today, but I don’t believe they are completely fixed as many orders are still being rejected. This is very frustrating because there isn’t much I can do about it on my end. :(

This appears to be affecting non US-developers only.   People are discussing this problem here and here.

If this happens to you

If you’ve bought something and it refuses to let you download it, check your email – they may have (incorrectly) invalidated your credit card.

When this happens, it refuses to let you try to purchase the app again until:

  • You’ve submitted a new credit card for the existing order (I’m not sure how to do that…  the cancel email probably has a link)
  • The order times out after seven days
  • I personally cancel your order

If you need me to cancel your order so you can try again just drop me a line.

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