Announcing Proton SDK – a free component based C++ framework optimized for iOS, Android, WebOS

Spent the last few days setting this up… the best thing about being indie?  You can release code whenever you feel like it!

Visit for more info and some more interesting screenshots.

The documentation is still …somewhat lacking… but, meh, good enough.   (the true RTsoft slogan?)

So what next?  Dink Android, let’s make you happen.

7 thoughts on “Announcing Proton SDK – a free component based C++ framework optimized for iOS, Android, WebOS

  1. jovoc

    That is seriously awesome. I’ll definitely be checking it out. And perhaps borrowing bits of code (with attribution if I do so, of course).

  2. Erik

    As cool as it will be playing Dink again, I’d like some blip arcade on my Droid. In case my 99 cents influences you at all…

  3. Seth Post author

    I’m not sure Blip Arcade would make sense on Android yet – from what I hear multi-touch support is not supported well on many devices and this would break the “multiplayer at once on the same device” features of Blip. Hrm

  4. Erik

    Seth – I might be wrong but I believe that multitouch is widely available in both the hardware and the OS. When I first got my Droid there was no multitouch in any of the standard apps (I presume because of apple’s pinch to zoom patents) but multitouch apps were available and functional from the market.

  5. Seth Post author

    Erik – I’ve been implementing multi-touch into Proton SDK today (while keeping OS 1.6+ support as well) and… it’s complicated.

    All the older HTC phones (including the N1) don’t support true multi-touch, they can get away with pinching but not much too much else.

    The Motorola Droid is ok, not sure about it supporting more than 2 touches at once though, maybe it does. (Hmm, I should pick one up at some point)

    I’m sure the hardware landscape will be looking a lot better in a year or two though.

    More info here:

  6. Andrew

    Hey, Seth, thanks for releasing this. When I first saw you mention your cross-platform framework I thought “Hmm, I wonder when he will release this .. and how much will it cost ?”. Free ! I’m not much of a C++ coder (barely a C coder), but after playing Dungeon Quest and noting how well it performs, I think I’d better get stuck into some C+ :)

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