Mind Wall, our addictive 3D puzzler released for Android

Our 3D puzzler Mind Wall is now available for Android!  This is really the perfect game for mobile touch devices as you can just shove it into someones hands and they “get it”.

I’ve set things up to eloquently scale to any device size – it will choose high resolution GUI elements for larger screen sizes for crystal clear action.

So now I’ve got two things on my plate – do the first release of Proton and also get Dink on android.  But which first?!!  Decisions.

That thing above is showing $0 again, isn’t it. I think it’s because the silly google developer page forces me to set the price in yen (0.99 being the lowest it will let me go) and AppBrain doesn’t like that. Unfortunately this means I can’t sell for $0.99 like I want to but have to charge slightly more. Meh.

3 thoughts on “Mind Wall, our addictive 3D puzzler released for Android

  1. Erik

    A lot of fun! But maybe have the dungeonscroll link point to the android version of the game and not say “for iPhone”?

  2. Erik Harrison

    All part of my elaborate plan to do the minimal effort to get listed in the credits in all your games. ;-)

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