Dink Smallwood HD V1.2 now live in App Store – with DMODS and auto-saving!

Sure, you’re limited to the three DMODS that come pre-installed (App Store rules, grumble) but hey, they are three good ones at least.

Special thanks to MsDink and Linus for permission to include their work.  I did tweak Mystery Island to be slightly easier for this iOS version.

The other two DMODs are “non combat” – this means they are more adventure oriented (more talking and puzzles) and less arcady.  Perfect for iOS!

A few days ago I got to see Dink on my friend Kazu-kun’s iPhone4 (yeah I still don’t have one) and wow, Dink is gorgeous on that retina screen. It’s not just iPhone sized zoomed up, I actually do render more detail.  The hassle was worth it.

App Store link

So go update and let me know what you think.  (If you have time to rate/leave a review, please do, it helps!)

3 thoughts on “Dink Smallwood HD V1.2 now live in App Store – with DMODS and auto-saving!

  1. Brian

    Hi, love the game on the iPhone. How do I play the new scenarios though? I beat the game, do I have to start a new character for the new scenarios?

  2. Seth Post author

    The new scenarios are totally independent of the main game and start fresh characters and have their own saves. (Scenarios might even have you playing a different character, not Dink!)

    To access them, use the new “Add-ons” option from the main menu.

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