Auto save, three DMODs coming to Dink Smallwood HD for iOS

Sneak preview of the three new quests (DMODs) optimized/adjusted for iOS in the Dink upgrade that is currently being tested:

Actually, the red X to delete option won't be there in the final one.

A screenshot from "Furball"

Also includes a few bug fixes, tweaks, and a useful new feature – Auto saving at intervals! If your life is > 40 percent, it will save a full state save every five minutes which can be accessed from Slot 10 of the normal load menu.

Should help eliminate those “Hey, I died.  I’ve been playing ten hours but I forgot to save.. OH @#&^@&” moments.

In other news, the Android open beta of Dungeon Scroll is going pretty well, just some smaller issues to iron out.  (Portrait mode keyboard when it should be landscape, Swype input doesn’t work right)

One thought on “Auto save, three DMODs coming to Dink Smallwood HD for iOS

  1. Linus

    The previews are a little outside the place where they are suppose to be, it’s easiest to see on Agatha as the preview.bmp is greyish and not black but the other ones are also missplaced.

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