Dungeon Scroll on your Android for free today – Open beta

NOTE: Beta over, the game is now released!

Want to play the full version of Dungeon Scroll on your Android 1.6+ phone for free?

BINARY UPDATED Oct 14th, V0.9.2 Beta 3 released with the following changes (same download url)

  • Soft keyboard/alerts now show up in landscape mode instead of portrait
  • Fixed problem with not being able to bring up soft keyboard if you task switched and came back while entering name
  • G1 performance improved nearly 2x  (possibly others)
  • Game dictionary improved
  • Tweaked help menu
  • I can’t figure out how to fix input issues with custom keyboards that don’t send proper keystroke info (Swype, etc) so I’ve added a warning to the name input screen.  It is possible to task switch out, change your input system and come back in and finish entering your name.
  • Updated beta tester names in credits
  • Fixed possible issue with saved game loading
  • Beta test period extended to Oct 20th

NOTE: Beta over, the game is now released!

All I ask in exchange is that you try to drop me an email (or comment here) how it ran for ya and what you think. It supports app2sd.

So far I’ve it’s been tested on a Nexus One, Galaxy S and G2 Touch. (Thanks enaskil and Devlin) I wonder if it runs on a G1.. I couldn’t get the one I ebay’ed to let me log into google and get into the real phone. Silly living in Japan.

The only real issue I’m seeing is the software keyboard pops up in portrait when the game is in landscape – I think this is because I’m lying to the OS and telling it to use portrait so my GL surfaces will be faster. (I do manual rotation)

Is there a way to hint to the OS to show keyboard/dialog in landscape? Guess I should try it in “real” landscape and see if it’s actually slow, I’m just going by my past experiences with other phones and something I read somewhere.

EDIT: I fixed the keyboard orientation problem, turns out there is no penalty in Android (afaict) for initting your GL surface in landscape mode.

22 thoughts on “Dungeon Scroll on your Android for free today – Open beta

  1. slighmd

    Works on Nexus One running FroYo 2.2.1. Yep, when typing your name on gigh scores, the keyboard is portrait when the device is landscape. Also, picking up the treasure chest each enemy drops is a bit hard to get, but that’s nit picking.

  2. Seth Post author

    Thanks guys.

    slighmd: Hmm, the treasure chest part is non-interactive, they just randomly spit out tiles. (Bigger monsters spit out more/better stuff).

    Any idea how I can make that more clear in the interface that you don’t have to tap the treasure chest or anything?

  3. Erik

    On the original motodroid the tiles rearrange constantly, as if constantly getting shake events from tiny motions. Putting on a very stable surface helped but the game was still nearly unplayable as you kept hitting tiles other than the one you intended. Also, the help screen scrolls disproportionate to the movement of my finger.

    This is in froyo

  4. Seth Post author

    Thanks Erik – Hmm, on the N1 it requires a good hearty “shake” to jumble the tiles, I naively assumed the accelerometer output would be in the same ranges for all devices. Will check out my options.

    Duplicated crash with resetting quick-tips, thanks!

    Hope to put up a beta 2 soon.

  5. thrAsher

    Works just fine on my Motorola Droid running Froyo. Played the first four dungeons and had zero issues. I will toy with it more over the next day or so and post any problems I come across.

    Thanks, looks to be an entertaining game. I love the names of the various treasures.

  6. thrAsher

    I did encounter the same problem as Erik in my second play. Seems like the tiles start swapping if the device is tilted to the left or right even slightly. I had to keep my phone very still for the tiles to keep this from happening.

    Again, playing on a Motorola Droid running Froyo.

  7. slighmd

    how about a tap anywhere on the window where the enemies/treasure appears picks it up, and not tapping directly on the treasure chest?

  8. Robert Accomando

    Tried it on my evo 2.2. No issues and really fun. One question; are you supposed to somehow use the items you get (not tiles)? Or is it just for fun? Can’t wait to full version.

  9. Robert Accomando

    Nevermind about the bonus item question. I see your answering Androidforums. Thanks.

  10. Erik

    I don’t know if you changed something but shaking seems.more reasonable now. Might be a phone.issue. other than that awesome. Also pardon typos, submittead from my phone e while drunk

  11. Dan

    Ran into a slight snag with Beta 2 on my Nexus One running Froyo 2.2.1.

    At one point, when I died, submitted my high score, and started a new game, the sound stopped. I tried to soft-exit (just hitting Home), and started the game and the sound was still not playing. I hard-exited (hit Back until the application closed), and started the game and the sound began working again.

  12. James

    Great game, I could not easily find an option to turn the sound effects off, turn the music off is under options, could you have turn sound off there too?

  13. Colin

    Its a fun game, but I also agree that sound effects should be toggled as well. If I bought this in the Market and found I could not disable sfx, I would promptly return it. Otherwise its a great concept and look forward to its release :)

  14. Drew

    Ran it on Moto Droid using a custom ROM(Chevy’s SS 4.8) and it worked fine. One issue though: when I first went to the dungeon map I got a force close. I just clicked ‘wait’ and it worked fine. Very good concept, I don’t know how much more work you’re going to do on it, but I feel the RPG elements could be more involved. Just my 2 cents, great game though.

  15. Chris

    Hey Seth,

    Just wanted to let you know I played through this game start to finish with absolutely no problems on my HTC HD2 running Froyo-Sense 2.2.

    It is a fun game and I enjoyed it immensely, I would recommend some sort of store / equipment system to upgrade your char as you go to increase replay value (something similar to the puzzle quest advancement)

    Other than that, great work I look forward to it hitting the market.

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  17. Seth Post author

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just posted a new beta.

    Emmanuel: My bug tracker is just a lowly text file currently

    So far here are the outstanding problems:

    1. Few reports of sound dying (unable to duplicate so far)
    2. Two reports of crashes (unable to duplicate so far)
    3. Sometimes textures look white after a pause/resume on Android 1.6 devices. I’ve seen it happen on my G1 once, but was unable to reliably duplicate, unsure. If you task switch and come back, it fixes.
    4. Swype keyboard has problems – I was unable to get a reply from the Swype people so far, but it appears this is a problem on their end which is only noticeable when games do custom input boxes.

    In all, I think we are probably stable enough for a real release, although I will keep working on fixing these issues.

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