Dink for iDevices beta 1 goes out the door

Ok, back from vacation and focusing on finishing up Dink!

I’ve sent out the first beta (universal binary for all iDevices)  – hoping to hear it works ok.  In the meantime, will run through and apply some more features and fixes, and also see if I can get out a PC version.

One click DMOD installing

One nice new feature is the ability to perform 1-click DMOD install/play from a “browse” menu directly inside the game!

If you’re interested in joining the Dink beta, it ain’t too late, drop me a line with your device UDID.

8 thoughts on “Dink for iDevices beta 1 goes out the door

  1. scratcher

    It’s nice to see this progressing so well and solidly. :) Do you think it might see a public release this year?

  2. Seth Post author

    Yep, if things go decently I hope to send a final build to Apple within a week. After that, it’s in their hands!

  3. Skull

    Oh by the way, if you are planning to charge for D-Mod support, I think the Dink Community will come crashing down. I think you should charge for the game and leave D-Mod support free. If you already planned to do it that way, sorry to bother you.

  4. James Troughton

    I think that might be a bit overly dramatic, Skull. :-)

    However, I have concerns regarding releasing the game for free but charging for d-mod support. It’s… why aren’t you charging for the game itself?

  5. Seth Post author

    I agree.. the current plan is to charge $3 for the game and include DMOD support – I think this is reasonable considering it will support all iDevices.

    I’ll release PC/Mac versions also, those of course will remain free. Basically those are the iPad version without the touchscreen controls.

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