Mind Wall 1.4 released – Native iPhone 4 screen support added

If you’re one of the lucky few (er, many, I guess) with an iPhone 4 you’ve probably been sitting around wondering how amazing Mind Wall would look taking advantage of your new delicious 960X640 screen.

WONDER NO MORE, CHILD! Mind Wall V1.4 is now available on the App Store.

iPhone4 screenshot. But you need to imagine it squished to the iPhone 4 DPI.

iOS4 task switching is now also supported.

Thanks to Shawn for letting me to know it ran ok on the iPhone 4.  I’m still working on getting one, apparently the local phone place has no procedure to just plop down money to buy one.  I have to buy a second phone contract?!  Fine.  Also, there is a one month waiting list.

The latest happenings

If on the other hand you’ve been wondering when I’ll finally get off my duff and release Dink iPhone/iPad port or a Dungeon Scroll HD… good questions!

When I need to add a new feature (like adding iPhone4 “Retina” support) I like to do it with a simple project first.  This Mind Wall test sort of paves the way as the updated base-code can more or less be “turned on” for my other projects.

Dink has now also been updated for iPhone 4  and if Apple will be good enough to not release new devices every two weeks I should be able to get it out the door.

The “secret” project has sort of been winding down and should I should be completely free to procrastinate work on my own stuff without a valid excuse soon.

6 thoughts on “Mind Wall 1.4 released – Native iPhone 4 screen support added

  1. Kyle

    Looking forward to the Dink release :) Are you certain you’ll get it cleared past Apple’s evil watchdogs, especially with d-mod support intact? I really hope so :P

  2. Seth Post author

    David – will definitely drop you a note when a beta is ready. Hopefully soon!

    Kyle – Yeah, that’s a worry. But from what I’m hearing they’ve relaxed a bit on the rules, I guess we’ll see.

  3. Kyle

    I wouldn’t mind betatesting as well, but I don’t see how it can be done on the iPhone/iPad (I have an iPhone 3GS) without jailbreaking it :P

  4. Linus

    I could betatest, I’ve got the iphone 3GS aswell and have the same question; how is it possible without jailbreaking?

  5. Seth Post author

    Hey guys, just email me your device’s UUID (see http://www.ispeeddial.com/how-to-find-your-iphone-uuid ) and info and I’ll add you to the beta list. Don’t forget to mention which device(s) they are connected to the UUID.

    This way, I can do what is called an Ad-Hoc build for you, no jail breaking is required. The problem is I have a limited number of UUID’s I can add, but I still have a lot left for now.

    If you’ve already done this for previous beta testing, don’t worry you’re already on the list. But if you got a new device, drop me a line with its UUID.

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