Mind Wall for iPhone 1.2 update released with Gauntlet DX mode

I’m happy to announce a major feature was just added to Mind Wall for iPhone (iTunes) to satiate the appetite of the master Mind Wallers – Gauntlet DX!

It’s a special mode where the shapes grow and mutate as you play.

While Gauntlet mode is about lightning fast shape recognition of a limited set, Gauntlet DX mode requires an agile brain that can process totally new shapes on the fly.

What’s new in V1.2:

  • NEW FEATURE: Gauntlet DX Mode – Can you master a constantly evolving shape?  New audio and visual effects, includes its own world-rankings
  • Showing solutions is now configurable
  • Performance improvements on 3GS

Special thanks to the beta test team for giving it a nice work-out.

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