RTsoft goes DRM free and now accepts Paypal

In a perfect world…

I don’t know about you, but these days when I buy a game online I want the following to be true:

  • Q/P > 10 GDU.  (where Q = quality, P = price, and GDU is Good Deal Units of course)
  • Can use Paypal and have my order instantly processed so I can download in seconds
  • Can install it on all my computers without copy protection hassles
  • Can come back after a hard drive crash and instantly get my games again without muss nor fuss

Entering the 21st century… harder, better, faster,  stronger.

After writing a metric butt ton of PHP code and recompiling miles of old code I’m proud to say… my own company now passes my own test! About damn time.

RTsoft now automatically handles Paypal orders.  I was really getting ripped off by my old payment provider (cough, cough Regnow sucks) and have been wanting to go Paypal forever. It’s now feasible sell things for a buck and still get to keep most of it.

I’ve released new versions of Dungeon Scroll, Teenage Lawnmower, and Toolfish that are completely DRM free.

  • No annoying unlock codes to enter
  • No online authentication
  • You can backup the installer .exe file and know that it will always ‘just work’

What about existing customers?

Now, having bought boatloads of our software in the past you’re probably thinking “Great!  But I have an old version, how do I get the new one?!

No problem!  Just enter your email address on our Shiny New Support Page and it will automatically locate what you’ve bought and send you links to download the latest versions.

The future and beyond

The new kitt-like high-tech data-driven site lets me add new products easily and change prices at the drop of a hat.  Like, I could do that Radiohead “pay what you want” thing for a week if I feel like it or charge $1000 on Fridays.  I wonder how that would go over.

Dungeon Scroll for Windows goes on sale for $1.99

For now, I’m going to test it out by offering the PC version of Dungeon Scroll for same price as the iPhone version for a limited time!  Yep, $1.99.   I mean, they have exactly the same features.  Times are changing, kids.

If you notice any glitches, bad links, or general weirdness in the new site please let me know.

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