Our new game Blip Arcade for #iPhone released today!

Yep, our third iPhone game (and first game that wasn’t a port from a Windows game) is done!

Three player arcade action played on a single device! Compete in three retro style games to win a tournament with your friends.

More info here.  iTunes link here.

3 thoughts on “Our new game Blip Arcade for #iPhone released today!

  1. Dan

    Hmm, when playing 4-way split screen, one player must be None or CPU? Were there multitouch issues with 4 human players?

  2. Seth Post author

    Hey Dan, the game does fully support 4 human players at once, but during beta testing we noticed that input can be flaky due to hardware issues if your fingers are using too much surface space.

    So instead of “4 players, unless you have big oaf fingers!” I’m just going to officially support three. The option remains for the daring though… or if future hardware/OS fix the input issues.

  3. John

    Looks really nice and I love the chiptunes! Now, if you port it to android I’d be the first to buy it!

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