Announcing: Dungeon Scroll on your iPhone

Dungeon Scroll for iPhone has been released!

Our award winning word game is now available on a mobile device for the first time!

Like Mind Wall, it’s just one of those games that really makes a good fit with a touch-input device.

Now available at the AppStore for $0.99.

Help get the word out!

If you want to review the game for your website or blog, just let me know and I’ll slip you a copy.

More info and screenshots here.

4 thoughts on “Announcing: Dungeon Scroll on your iPhone

  1. David

    Sweet! Seth, this game rocks. Keep the iPhone apps coming. I love playing Mind Wall and now Dungeon Scroll on the train on my commute to work.

  2. David Miller

    I downloaded the game yesterday for the iPhone & love it. Great idea! One question/bug – when I quit while playing, I don’t get the option to resume the game when I come back to it. I select “Play” and it goes to the “Choose your game mode” screen. Thanks!

  3. Seth Post author

    Thanks guys.

    David – Hmm.. I suspect you may have chosen the Quit option which will actually end the game – it’s a little confusing but to save/resume a game you must close the app using the Home button, while the action is still going on. (Accepting a phone call also works)

    If you did this and it still didn’t continue, let me know!

    What should happen is the next time you start the app, while loading the dictionary it also shows “Continuing game in progress…” above it and then jumps you right into the game after the dictionary is loaded.

  4. NaughtySpawn

    I bought this game last night and love it! This has got to be one of the best word games I have played! Such a great concept. I know this one is going to keep me entertained for weeks!

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