Sex & Dragon Slaying – LORD


Robert B. Marks takes a stimulating look into the sexual past of BBS gaming and my old creation Legend Of The Red Dragon for The Escapist.   I meant to blog about this earlier but zoned out as usual…  It includes an embarrassing interview with me so I know you’ll want read the article!

2 thoughts on “Sex & Dragon Slaying – LORD

  1. GBGames

    Wow, I now feel quite familiar with you. And maybe a little too familiar. B-)

    Good history, though. I had no idea that you had a hand in a popular BBS game and how it helped you get a new PC and get you to where you are today.

  2. keless

    Holy cow– you made LORD?

    Back in the day I was all about the 2400 baud modem, dialing up for LORD and Tradewars2k. Good times!

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