Mind Wall Reviews, if you speak Japanese

mindwall_in_lifeSome glowing Mind Wall reviews here, in fact, thus far 95% of our sales are coming from Japan?!  I think because it’s tapping into a sort of brain training boom that’s been happening here.

App Bank.net –  “…it hooked me, I love this brain training game” – (English version via google translate)

iPhoneAppMaga.net – “…it’s been awhile since I found something like this.. amazing… 5/5” – (English version via google translate)

I’m pretty sure the high scores are also being dominated by people from Japan although we won’t be sure until the next Mind Wall update – it (and our other new iPhone game that’s almost done) will include a feature Akiko bugged me to put in:  Tiny world flags by your name.

Also, on the web version of the high score list there is now a new section of “ALL TIME TOP TEN”.

1 thought on “Mind Wall Reviews, if you speak Japanese

  1. David

    Cool, nice to see you’re getting the recognition you deserve.

    Another rtsoft iphone app on the way?!? I can’t wait!

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