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3D movies, kid? Pfft, try 4D! (A review)


So I got a chance to experience “4DX” Spider Man 2 at our local movie theatre.

Despite buying tickets online weeks in advance, I still got a horrible seat. (front, far left)  Sadly, this sort of makes the 3D effect worse and introduces eye strain.

So what does paying extra for the “4DX” experience get you?  What do these fancy electronic chairs do?

Well, they mostly kick your chair throughout the movie, punctuated by an occasionally spitting on you.

Shoot, back in Salem, Oregon, you got this for free.

Every time a “chair effect” kicked in, I was mentally pulled away from the film, it actually detracted from the movie.

I realize theatres need to add value to remain relevant but..  I don’t think this is working.

What I’d like is a seat perfectly in the middle, be able to pause to use the restroom, and eat and drink anything I want.  No commercials or waiting.  So yes, I want my living room.

The Zerg is strong in this one

Now that Cosmo wields this amulet (no doubt excreted by the Zerg queen herself) his all infestor army tactic is sure to finally actually win a game!  (Yeah, it’s a cheapo Starcraft 2 thing I bought on ebay and strategically hung around the house until he noticed it)

Not to be outdone, here is Eon-kun inventing a delicious soy sauce soup.  Leave him alone for a minute and he always finds a way to make the magic happen.

Happy new year and the boy who said no

Went to the shrine as is the tradition in Japan today. Cosmo caused a shock (well, to my mother-in-law at least) by asserting his skepticism.

He tearfully refused to give a coin and pray because:

“magic is pretend, and I don’t want to”.

I never do, but I don’t make a deal out of it.  This is something he felt strongly about this year for some reason and, well, I’m proud of him for thinking it through and making a stand about something important to him.

Took me a lot longer.