Proton SDK news update – Android NDK R6, HP Touchpad now supported

My free cross platform library Proton SDK (a framework that helps you write C++ apps for iOS, Android, WebOS, Win, and OS X) has quietly been receiving improvements across the board:

  • Android support now works with the Android NDK R6 out of the box, Crystax no longer needed.  Binaries still run on Android 1.6+ too!
  • Redid the “Setting up Proton to make Android stuff” page using NDK R6 (wrote as I set up my new computer, so it’s pretty accurate)
  • HP Touchpad/WebOS 3.0 support added (native touch keyboard automatically pops up when needed, full multi-touch enabled)
  • New tutorial added on how to setup GL ES 1.1 emulation on Windows using the latest PowerVR SDK
  • Audio systems across all platforms improved
  • LoopingSound class added, for playing looping sounds with optional intro/outtro effects
  • AudioManagerDenshion added, recommended for iOS and OS X builds
  • A new example (RTPhysics) was added a while back, combined Irrlicht 3D with Bullet physics (shoot cubes to knock down a stack)
  • Irrlicht under Android improved, now provides seamless automatic reloading of fonts and textures after losing/restoring focus
  • Many bugfixes…

Some Proton-based games recently released by other companies:

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