Dink Smallwood HD 1.4.8 released for iOS – now optimized for Fling

What’s the Fling?

The Fling is sort of a rubber joystick you attach to your iPad’s screen with suction cups.  It really does feel like an auto-centering joystick.

It’s got this ingenious design where you have to slightly press down on the nub-thingie or you feel it will slip out of your hand – and the down press makes it work properly with the iPad touch screen.

Dink HD and the fling

Dink Smallwood on the iPad is really a game screaming for joystick control.  I’ve done my best with touch controls but, let’s face it, it’s just harder to control Dink with all the stick-and-move fighting required.  This is why I added the “save anywhere” and such, to make the game easier.

Using the a Fling you get VERY close to normal joystick play, it really helps immensely.   I recommend picking one up if you want to get the full iPad dink experience.

What’s new in 1.4.8

  • Fling support – A third control mode called “Fling” added to the option screen – it tweaks things to work better with the Fling controller such as the dpad sensitivity settings and positioning, and being able to select items and dialog options with it
  • Saved game import – if you place a save<number>.dat file in the dink dir using iTunes file sharing it will import it.  save<number>_<dmod dir name>.dat to import a dmod save
  • Fixed an issue where if you quit using the dink menu it wouldn’t auto-save/restart from that point
  • Improved input all around by switching to proton‘s more advanced finger tracking

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