Ludumdare 20 – Who’s in? #LD48

It’s that time again.

Three times a year hundreds of masochistic geeks from around the planet push themselves to the limit by creating the best game they can (individually) in only two days. The winning theme you must base your game around is announced as it begins.

Check out the keynote (done by Sos this year, nice job!)  and get more info at Ludumdare.

As for me…

I don’t think I’m going to be able to devote enough time to make anything this year, but at the very least I’ll be hanging out in irc cheering the brave on as usual.

My unhelpful guide for first-timers is here.

Warm up your compilers, gas up your image editor, and change the tires on your music program because it starts in 23 hours.

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