Proton SDK update – Flash, iCade, Chartboost, Flurry and an Assembly talk

My free, open source, cross-platform app framework, Proton SDK has been steadily getting updates and fixes.

What’s new?  Check this stuff out:

  • Flash support announced!  Still in beta, but it works.  Examples run at full speed with zero extra changes thanks Alchemy 2 and a GL ES to Stage3D adaptor I’ve written
  • iCade controller support via GamepadManager plugin (works on both iOS and Android!)
  • Chartboost support via AdManager plugin
  • Flurry support via AdManager plugin
  • 60beat GamePad support via GamepadManager plugin (iOS)
  • DInput support for controllers via GamepadManager plugin (Windows)
  • Tons of bugfixes, tweaks,  and improvements

Documentation is still, how shall we say, .. somewhat lacking, but some progress has been made and there is a working example application for everything.

Assembly Summer 2012 Proton Talk

Proton Pro and contributor Aki Koskinen will be giving a talk about Proton SDK August 2nd at 21:00 at Assembly, so check it out if you’d like the low down on what differentiates it from the millions of other frameworks out there and if it would be a good fit your project.

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