Kuoushi does a live playthrough of Dink Smallwood

Thanks to a herculean voting campaign by “iamnobody2”, Dink has stirred up enough votes to be chosen for the Kououshi live playthrough!

What does that mean?  It means you can hear a funny and expletive filled commentary as Dink is played through and make smart remarks in irc while it happens!

Or, if you miss that, you can watch the archived versions (they are at the bottom).

2 thoughts on “Kuoushi does a live playthrough of Dink Smallwood

  1. kuoushi

    Thanks for coming in and taking a look. I wouldn’t worry too much about a little weirdness in the game here and there. The game was totally playable and definitely enjoyable. Excellent work. Don’t worry about me being caustic or abrasive, that’s just what happens when I’m on air. The game was actually good fun, and the humor was definitely great.

  2. Seth Post author

    No worries, it was hilarious. It was funny when you’d say something twisted/evil/wrong and then Dink would come up with a quip similar or worse!

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