Look mom, I can blog too

I’m now no longer the only poor fool without a blog in the IRC channels I hang out in!! That honor goes to SG now I think. :)

Here is a development shot of a novashell test. When particles go wrong! (and have severe Z-sorting issues!)


4 thoughts on “Look mom, I can blog too

  1. Leon Rookz


    Someone needs to put up a statue of you…

    You know I snuck onto quite a few BBS’ as a kid to play LORD, I loved Dink Smallwood, Planets: TEOS.. I just wish you were in charge of developing games like WoW.

    Somehow I still get the same feeling playing LORD as I did 15 years ago.. I just signed up for a Telnet based BBS Last night, gained to lvl 2.. it appears having no phone line restrictions can cause your player to be killed over and over endlessly, I still love flirting with Violet or randomly finding the Dark Cloak Tavern in the woods. Games today just do not have this feel!

    Also, I have to give you another Kudo! I am a Software Tester (SQA)/student and I am planning to learn Japanese and attain a hardware CS Degree with a little extra emphasis on business and basic application developement. First and foremost I have a great love for Japanese Culture! So I can’t help but to think you have excellent taste there as well!

    Just have to let you know,.. you are a Legend Seth! I hope somehow, one day,… Robinson Technologies gets the status it deserves.

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