Site changes

You know, once you start fiddling with CSS and your site it’s hard to stop.

I’ve redone a good chunk of the RTsoft site, it’s a lot less black and angsty now. I’d still like to get its tabs integrated with the forums and some other things, but I guess it can wait.

Please let me know if you find something too broken. I’ll be watching the error log and fixing things with redirects and such.

In other news, I taught our dog to sit! :)


2 thoughts on “Site changes

  1. martin glusberg

    Ok, fine. is beautiful. How come you are deemphasizing (hiding!) toolfish? It is (by far!) the best utility I use daily! I want you to sell a ton of it, maintain it, expand it (i.e.: blow my mind again, since I can not think on how to improve it)…

    thanks. good luck.

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