Dink Smallwood HD 1.89 released, made free on all platforms

Dink Smallwood HD 1.89 has been released to the App Store (with iOS 11 support) as well as on Google Play and Windows!

  • Now with correct aspect ratio
  • Vastly improved DMOD compability
  • Re-worked engine timing, now the same on all systems
  • Improved shadows (contributed by Dan Walma)
  • Can now browse/install/play over 300 DMODS (add-on quests) directly from inside the game, full integration with the Dink Network
  • Open sourced.  SVN checkout link: svn://rtsoft.com/rtsvn/projects/RTDink
  • New price is $2.99 FREE on all platforms! (This is a permanent change –  No ads or crap either!)

Download links:

Get it for iPhone/iPad

Get it for Android

Get it for Windows

Or visit the main Dink Smallwood page.

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