3 thoughts on “Ludumdare gift-exchange get! Here’s a pic…

  1. EtherNexus

    Hey Seth, we all keep re-asking and beggin the regain of the control of the forums of dinknetwork.
    It happens and no one has got the power to ban or edit anymore there since you left.

    All we want is a moderator or any authority in the forums of http://www.dinknetwork.com

    Please do it, I don’t think it’s asking much. Just choose someone to be a new administrator (what about striker, Glenn, MsDink or anyone you contact there and accept it?!?)

    Sorry for reposting, but I did it only in a dink-related post and here, in the most actual post.

  2. Seth Post author

    Hmm, I don’t control anything over on dinknetwork.com .. I’ve never been a mod over there.. I went looked at the dinknetwork forums and they seem to be humming along fine?

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