A 30-day Funeral Quest tourney begins .. RIGHT NOW!

FQ Banner!

You’ve probably heard the legends of a mystical multiplayer Flash game that stunned all who played, a game that dared cover a topic so simultaneously wonderful and terrible that it changed all who touched it.

But alas, it’s been offline for years, a distant memory that the elders would whisper of in hushed voices… UNTIL NOW!


Now with a revamped server capable of handling more death care industry hi-jinx than ever before! (as long as Akiko’s computer doesn’t crash..)

I personally invite you to join us on this thirty day journey of pain, tears, and redemption – be a part of the soul-searching pilgrimage that will pit you against your only too alive neighbor in a game of greed, death, and preying on the emotionally vulnerable.

It takes about 10 minutes a day to “play your turns”, it’s free, and I’m even going to send an unimpressive (but suitably disgusting) prize to the winner, which is really something, considering how lazy I normally am.

Click here to play in your browser

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