Mind Wall wins the 14th LD48 Competition!

My game Mind Wall wins the LD48 2-day game making competition!  You can see the final results here. (I’m mrfun)

Also, I sort of forgot to announce it when it happened but I also won the 11th LD48 last year, which means two in a row for me.  (Well, skipping the two LD’s I missed…)

Ok, done bragging.  Big thanks to the LD crowd, it’s always a (very hectic) blast.

Special  thanks to Clanlib and my game making thingy Novashell which both games used for rapid cross platform development.  48 hours rapid, yo.

But now I’m thinking… Mind Wall on the iPhone??? Hrm.

5 thoughts on “Mind Wall wins the 14th LD48 Competition!

  1. daphaknee

    congrats, id like to see this game with non randomized levels (since the difficulty jumped from being completely impossible to too easy sometimes)

    which is funny since i wanna see tombed with random levels


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