New Free game: Mind Wall for Win/OS X

Twist your brain into unlikely shapes as you dare to engage the Mind Wall in battle.  Will you be the first to work your way through its labyrinth of pain, and at what price, your SANITY?!

Yes, this is my Ludum Dare 48 hour game entry:  Mind Wall!

No two games are alike in this easy to learn and strangely harmonious and gripping experience.

Downloads (Last updated 9-2-2009, gamepad support and game installer/uninstaller added for windows version)

Windows Installer (98, 2000, XP, Vista)

OS X version (universal binaries)

The iPhone/iPad/Android/Palm WebOS versions (New stuff!  With new game modes and global high scores)

** HINTS **

No matter how impossible a level looks, I guarantee you there is ALWAYS a solution.

You can use Alt-Enter (Command-F on the mac) to toggle windowed/fullscreen mode.

22 thoughts on “New Free game: Mind Wall for Win/OS X

  1. Usag

    Great game. I would be kind of nice to see a solution after failing, because especially in the last level I wasn’t able to find them fast enough. And other times I found them straight off.

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  3. dacowboy

    cool but too easy. took me 2 tries on the last level. you should add really badass levels with weird shapes and stuff, that would make it really shine.

  4. mrzippycrow

    This game is really fun. I liked how I got better as I played through the levels. It was challenging, but I wish there were more levels. Thanks for making this–it really rocks :)

  5. sam

    I couldn’t get it to work, do you need to do anything special or have any special software to run it ???


  6. Seth Post author

    Sam – the game only requires an OpenGL compliant video card with somewhat recent OpenGL drivers. Generally this limits problems to older computers or laptops and I’ve also seen some problems with old on-board intel graphic chips drawing things upside down…

  7. Lyx

    Normally, its my style to write long posts, but in this case, i can only say…


    …and: more levels please :)

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  10. John Pritchett

    Hey, Seth! This is John Pritchett, co-author of TradeWars. We chatted a few times before, about LORD, etc. I was looking through the IGF entries and spotted your game. Congrats! Email me if you’d like to catch up.


  11. Seth Post author


    Yep – I used Novashell as the base framework for Mind Wall and also Strong AI. Both were entries for the LD 48 hour competition.

    It’s important to note that Novashell itself doesn’t have much 3D functionality. I wrote the Mind Wall object (called a “Brain” in Novashell) in C++. (It access the existing GL context and just draws whatever it wants)

    So where it gave me a real head start was by handling input, menus, audio, scripting, one button .zips for Mac and Win, and just being very familiar.

  12. Dave Burke

    Hey Seth,

    Dave Burke from Hemisphere Games here — just dropping a note to say how much I enjoyed Mind Wall! Fantastic game, great sound design, awesome minimalism. It’s like Blockout-meets-2001. Excellent job!

    Keep me posted of any new projects — keep it up the great work! ;-)


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  14. bafibo

    Does not work for me. Screen output is turned by 180° (including mouse movements, very annoying) and then it ends in error. I am using Windows XP SP3.

  15. Seth Post author

    bafibo: There is a long standing bug in Clanlib (what the Win version of Mind Wall uses) with some specific Intel graphic chipsets that cause this. I keep hoping myself or one of the other developers will get/buy one so we can fix it but it just hasn’t happened yet, sorry for the hassle.

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