Porting a music game!

About eight years ago I played my first game of Dance Dance Revolution. I was waiting for someone in Tokyo when I spotted a lonely machine sitting in a corner. I popped in a 100 yen coin and tried to figure it out. I’ve been a fan since – especially of the ones that don’t make me embarrass myself physically, like Pop’n Music, the Bemani series, Guitar Hero 2 and Gitaroo-Man.

Anyway, I got the opportunity to port a really huge hit in this genre to a mobile phone. I just couldn’t pass it up. Hopefully I can get back into my other projects soon. (Few months?) I’m sort of under NDA so I guess I can’t really talk about it.

Oh, and I’m back from Hong Kong and answering emails and such again. Here is Cosmo in fear at Ocean Park.

Cosmo at Ocean Park HK

3 thoughts on “Porting a music game!

  1. SteelGolem

    what the crap?? are you riding in bubbles over a forest? poor cosmo! i’d be terrified too D:

    oh, and i can’t wait for Rock Band to come out ^_^

  2. Mike

    Just wanted to say that I am a fan of LORD…keep on rockin’ the game development world my friend!

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