In Japan: New sushi restaurant is high tech gambling fun for all

This continues my series of articles about Japan.  I do these randomly if I see something worth mentioning.

There is a new sushi restaurant in town called Kura-Zushi (くら寿司).  (Watch their tv commercials here and here)

It’s not the first sushi place I’ve seen where each table has a digital screen that lets you order food – but it adds something interesting to the mix which will drive your kids insane!

Each table has a sort of slot machine game where you can win little toys in plastic bobbles called gachapon – instead of using money, the currency is empty plates.

Movie of this happening here.

Each plate is chipped and monitored.  If you use the touch panel to order a special request, it comes on a red container and notifies you when it gets close.  (Movie)

Old sushi is automatically thrown away. (Movie)

Some other things about this place:

  • All tables are non-smoking
  • No wasabi on anything (kid & wimpy adult friendly)
  • It’s on 182 near Lotteria
  • It has a machine that can pour you a mug of beer, do you really need more than that?


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