Android’s infamous “The server could not…

Android's infamous "The server could not process your apk" upload error

Been getting this the last four days. Here is the progress:

1. Assume it's my fault, google for fixes
2. Strangely, no one really knows, many voodoo fixes offered, nothing works
3. Figured out this error is happening on ALL my apps, as well as a client's account
4. Try multiple browsers (FF, Chrome, etc) and other computers (Win7, XP), no go
5. Sent same .apk to someone else with my login info, uploads perfectly the first time

WTF!!? Seriously. Anyone have any ideas? File seems to upload fine (correct bytes sent, etc) but that error still pops up.

Do android apk uploads from Japan hit a specific processing server that is currently broken? If it's really on their side (looks like that) how could it not be fixed by now?

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