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Dink Smallwood is my RPG from back in the day. Now also for mobile devices.

Dink Smallwood HD now available from the Mac App Store with DMOD support (and free!)

Our classic game Dink Smallwood is finally “done right” for the Mac!

Like our other desktop versions it’s completely free.

Why even use the Mac App Store?  Because it means a central place to get the game with easy auto updating.

The Mac App Store description:

Dink Smallwood HD is the newly remixed version of the classic RPG brought to you by the original creators featuring:

  • The complete re-mastered original CD soundtrack
  • Speed up” button to fly through dialog and cutscenes at your own pace
  • Can run user made levels (DMODS)
  • Automatic full state save/restore whenever you quit/restart the game
  • Quick save/load feature takes the frustration out of dying
  • Upgraded and optimized engine, Dink never looked or sounded better
  • Adjustable screen size via dragging the corner

Download links:

Mac App Store (free!)

App Store (iPhone/iPad)

Android Market

Windows (free!)

Fixing bad file permissions for Mac App Store submission when using Xcode folder references

The problem

You compile your app and test it.  It works great!  Time to submit to the Mac App Store, right?

Not yet.  Before submission, use Build and archive, Share from Xcode organizer, then install the resulting .pkg file.  (Side note:  Delete your app from everywhere first if you actually want it to install it right, otherwise it will get confused and install over existing versions, probably the one you made with build and archive!)

Uh oh.  The 60 mb file installed only 6 mb of stuff.   Huh?!

The solution

I suspect this only happens to people who are using folder references with data coming from a smb windows share.

The issue happens because the folder references in the .app get funky file permissions and while the app works fine, the pkg installer fails to copy ’em.

To fix it, right click the build target and choose Add->New Build Phase->New Run Script Build Phase and put something like the following in it:

set -ex
if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" = ‘Release’ ]; then

[ "$ACTION" = build ] || exit 0
[ "$BUILD_VARIANTS" = "normal" ] || exit 0

chmod -R o+rX,g+rX "$BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR/Dink Smallwood"

A google search on this esoteric issue failed me so I’m posting this in the hopes of helping you, dear random googler, in your time of need.

Dink Smallwood HD coming to Mac one way or another

Oh, and yeah, I’m trying to get Dink HD on the Mac App Store.  It will be a free app.  It will probably be rejected because of the DMOD support (downloading user levels) but I have to try.

If rejected, I guess I’ll just release normally as a download from here, but that’s too bad as I really like the auto-updating/ratings features of an App Store.

Proton SDK now supports Mac OS X as a target – just in time for LD

Yep, you can now compile a native OS X app of your p+ project!

This is a feature I’ve been wanting for a while because I:

  • Can release a proper native Dink HD for Mac – (will be free)
  • Can release things  to the new Mac App Store.. not Dink because of problems with in-game DMOD downloading and their submission rules, but other things.
  • Can create Mac versions of my ludumdare 48 entries to allow more people to play it.  Yeah, LD is almost here already and I hope to be able to participate.

It looked a bit too hacky to try to support OS X and iOS builds in the same xCode project so I did them separately – but because you can drag and drop project items between them it’s very quick to setup.

I’ve added OS X xCode projects in  the OSX subdir of RTSimpleApp and RTBareBones on svn.

Dink Smallwood “HD” released for Windows – yup, still free

Our old RPG Dink Smallwood has been free for quite a while, but today I present you with a free full “HD” version for Windows.

Yep, that's Dink being spread across two monitors. What? It's fun for a minute or two. Hold shift while dragging a border to allow incorrect aspect ratios like this.

It’s basically identical to the iOS/Android mobile versions minus the touch controls.  It’s the same code, which is built on Proton, so it’s a simple matter to dump out Windows builds so I might as well.  Thanks to the Dink Network lads and ladies for helping me test this.

Main differences between this and the old one are:

  • New GL rendering engine with anti-aliasing and custom screen resizing
  • Seamless built-in DMOD download/install/management
  • Includes the entire digital audio track from the original CD release
  • Hold TAB to speed up the game to skip boring cutscenes/text
  • Auto save every 5 minutes (FINALLY!)
  • Full state save when quitting, can also save/load anywhere with F1 and F8
  • Fixed many memory/file bugs from the original Dink
  • Save machine saved games are fully compatible with older versions, just copy the .dat files
  • Should work better with newer computers
  • Difficulty tweaked, some pop-up help things added to get new players started.
  • Natively runs at 32 bit color, now supports alpha channels in images
  • New audio system with .ogg support

The bad:

  • No gamepad support yet (what?  You never used it anyway)
  • Probably not 100% compatible with all DMODS (let me know when you find a problem, send me the save game and directions to reproduce the problem and I’ll take a look)

You can download it from here. (45 MB)

All in all, I think it’s easily the best way to experience Dink on a Windows PC now.

Let me know if you have any problems, new versions will just use the same filename.