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Bittersweet start of the new year

Note from Seth:

This post is from Justin Martin, the awesome artist behind Dink Smallwood and the new Dink port we’re doing for iPhone! He’ll be using codedojo from time to time as well.

Just check the name near the top to see if it’s Seth or Justin who is posting.


The bitter

After five+ years of adventuring in the land of Azeroth, I discovered yesterday that my beloved WoW toons were hacked… some deleted and all others stripped of everything–all my precious epics sold or sharded and gold stolen. Maguro, my level 80 pally, was left wearing his seasonal xmas garb. The mockery… the nerve… my gearscore went from about 4850 to 70 in a whim in contrast to the many months/years spent in acquiring rare drops. Damn f*** gold farmer hackers. Damn Blizz for not being speedy with replies.

The sweet

The new year also brings good tidings. I’m excited about developing art work/interface graphics for the upcoming  Dink Smallwood port to the iPhone/iPod. I had lived and breathed Dink Smallwood (DS) during it’s year and a half development and look forward to revisiting Dink and working with Seth to make the gui as polished and intuitive as possible. Thanks to all you Dinkers for keeping DS alive and well. Looking forward to some fun duck stomping on my iPod.