6 thoughts on “My car is upgraded

  1. Odival

    Speaking of ‘more than meets the eye’ would you, by any chance, be THE Seth? The final boss of the legendary Dink Smallwood game? The name written with duck heads in a secret screen into this game?
    If so, congratulations for having created one of the best games from pc I ever played!

  2. Seth Post author

    I am indeed that Seth! Thanks, Odival. I’m never happy unless I can sneak in my name (and duck heads) somewhere in each game…

  3. luke904

    i loved dink smallwood, it kept me company over this long weekend.

    there are some things that could be improved though:

    -the thorn bushes in the darklands are just annoying and they dont add anything to the game, (avoiding thorn bushes is not fun)
    -a screen lock button would be nice because i cant count the number of times ive acidentally moved screens when ive yet to collect the scads of loot on the ground, thus it disapears when i go back
    -more spells/weapons you jump from hand to hand combat to a long sword what about a dagger, short sword etc

    overall i still give it a 9/10. just some constructive critism
    thanks for a awesome 8 hours of gaming

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