Paper modeling kicks buttocks

Why buy your kid toys when you can make ’em? Fun to construct and play with – and no guilt when you chuck ’em into the trash!

Cosmo and I have a moderately cool town going on:

Of course Akiko saw what we were doing and totally put us to shame with a super detailed 9 page fish-market design she found:


All you need is the right paper and a color printer! All the designs are free.

Man, I can’t wait for 3D printers to make it big…

PS: My LD48 entry won! I want to put together a post-comp “special edition” and do the things I ran out of time on, hope to get to that soon. Damn my laziness.

4 thoughts on “Paper modeling kicks buttocks

  1. NotBert

    Come on now, you guys did a good job, don’t sell yourselves short :-D That’s a really cool idea though, it reminds me of all those goofy things we used to make out of paper at school (I can still make a mean airplane). Congrats on the win!

  2. mary

    Jake would LOVE making those. Well clara too, we spent the day making paper dolls.

    Now to get a color printer….

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