You won’t believe what my dog did…

Last week my mom sent me a picture of a ‘surprise’ her dog did that had a suspiciously interesting shape. Not to be outdone, I sent her a few of my own. I mean, my dog is even more special.

That’s one smart dog.My mom’s name

Ok, if you hadn’t guessed, these were not exactly totally natural. I used 3dsMax and a font called poo. The text was extruded, a smooth modifier applied, then a material with ‘noise’ applied to the bump and displacement properties.

The possibilities are endless! Well.. I guess what I did is pretty much the end, actually.

3 thoughts on “You won’t believe what my dog did…

  1. Fatima

    Hi Seth, some time ago (1998), I posted on the web some drawings and stories drawn from happenings in LORD on my BBS (Wildcat, here in the Philippines). If I remember correctly, I got a response from you or perhaps someone else at RTSoft (about making one of the drawings a desktop wallpaper or something like that ;).

    Anyway, the drawings and stories have disappeared from the web a long time ago, and my BBS (Digiteer) has died a long time ago too. Recently, while plowing through archives, I saw my old BBS webpage with the LORD stories and drawings (in very poor resolution, sadly). So I thought that maybe I could resurrect them. I’ve put one story up, 60 Days of LORD, on my blog

    On the topics of dogs, I have a dog called Edward who is interested in crochet and programming (crochetology). His blogsite is at

    Friendly greetings to you and your family,

  2. LLJessR

    Hmm… Interesting fonts on that page!! Thanks! I’m downloading HECKA right now… It’s nice to find your blog, Seth…



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