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Mind Wall Reviews, if you speak Japanese

mindwall_in_lifeSome glowing Mind Wall reviews here, in fact, thus far 95% of our sales are coming from Japan?!  I think because it’s tapping into a sort of brain training boom that’s been happening here.

App –  “…it hooked me, I love this brain training game” – (English version via google translate) – “…it’s been awhile since I found something like this.. amazing… 5/5” – (English version via google translate)

I’m pretty sure the high scores are also being dominated by people from Japan although we won’t be sure until the next Mind Wall update – it (and our other new iPhone game that’s almost done) will include a feature Akiko bugged me to put in:  Tiny world flags by your name.

Also, on the web version of the high score list there is now a new section of “ALL TIME TOP TEN”.

Some cool guys

It turns out my neighbors are some seriously hard-core gamers with a 60 inch screen and a penchant for alcohol.  I.E., my kind of people.

We’ve got an intense Mario-Kart rivalry going and it’s only a matter of time before that 8 player game of Bomberman Blast happens…

Technology is working

Of babes and packing crates

A lot has been going on the last month.  We’ve just moved into a new place and successfully ejected another small human.  (Yep, another boy…!)

This condo is state of the art – from the kitchen, you can tell the bathtub to fill itself up at a specified height and temperature and it will call you in Japanese when it’s ready.  It’s very star-trek.

Because the manuals are in Japanese I mostly just guess at what the various control panels do.   A wrong button push can summon firetrucks so I should probably stop doing that.

I found the bathroom “burning hot mist” button by mistake.  Do we really need a burning hot mist button is the question.

What’s with the obligatory “minus ion” feature that every Japanese piece of hardware from the air conditioner to the hair dryer just has to have?  Marketing genius I guess, because is sure isn’t science.

Virtual Grandma

Living in Japan can be tough on grandparents.. but Skype to the rescue!

Cosmo reads a book with Grandma.  5000 miles ain’t nothing.

iPhone + Google’s Voice Search = WIN

This morning I was laying in bed listening to Skeptoid, one of my favorite podcasts.  I thought “You know, my mom learned how to snope-checks her spams, I’d bet she’d dig the Skeptoid book too.”

I brought up google voice search and spoke ‘Amazon Skeptoid book‘ and a few seconds later I had securely ordered it and had it happily on its way to her address.  From bed.

It’s a good time to be alive, folks.

Ninja Boy

Test your might!

A ninja can sleep anywhere.

A true ninja needs no bed

No, this isn’t some new cool game, but an actual person!

As we celebrated Cosmo’s fifth year of living successfully outside the womb a wonderous thing happened – the village elders (ok fine, his mother and I) presented him with the ultimate clothing!

Besides the ninja suit, he also got a bag of fireworks.  It’s going to be a dangerous next few days…

A picture is worth 1000 words

My four year old son recently had his preschool “sports day” here in Japan. That means the parents get to sit in the hot sun all day as the kids play Taiko drums, make a human pyramid and wear cool headbands in a relay race.

Usually in a race like this you put your fastest runners last. However, one of teams put their slowest kid on the last leg.

Starting with a good half lap lead she got passed by BOTH the other teams RIGHT before the finish line. I really felt sorry for her as I saw it slowly dawn on her face while the red team was celebrating victory behind her.

Anyway, I took an extraordinary pic of it so check it out!

Losing can hurt