Source Code

This is source code to stuff I’ve written if you want to see how not to do things. Feel free to steal anything in the unlikely event that you find something useful. All are for windows unless otherwise note, but keep in mind the Clanlib ones could easily be recompiled for OSX or linux.

Dink Smallwood V1.08 Source Code (With improvements and fixes by Dan Walma) download, readme, license

Source to games made in 48 hour coding competitions

Bathroom Teacher Game & Src download game and source , readme (uses the cdx lib)
InnerBody Game And Source game sourcedev log (uses the cdx lib)

Lighthouse Rescue w/ src download game and source (uses ClanLib)

Zoo Master w/ src download game and source (uses ClanLib)

Hero School
Hero School w/ src Download game and source (devlog) (uses Clanlib)

6 thoughts on “Source Code

  1. Intenex

    Uh…is that even possible? (I don’t know, maybe I’ve missed something these past few days)

  2. DaVince

    Dude. No. You can NOT get the Dink source code in Java, because it was written in an entirely different language.

    You want Dink in Java, good luck porting the source code. Or making it from scratch.

    By the way, I’m going to try and compile Dink in Linux now, using “winemaker”. Hope it works.

  3. Scriptiz

    I would be happy to release something like a FreeDink wich could be compiled on Linux or other Unix based system.
    But not alone ^^ Contact me if you have time and patience 😛

  4. saint_orion

    Can i get the source code in your blogs sir !?!! in my last task i want to make a java games, i need i game with source code for learn… If you have pls contack me,..thanks befor ^_^

    Nice too meet you

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