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<X-0ut> Its very strange indeed, the AA works in fallback mode
<X-0ut> fallback mode is missing NPOTS, DOF and motion blur
<X-0ut> I've got a sneaky feeling its the NPOTS
<madwork> are your NPOTS NSYNC or NDISHWASHER? It makes a difference.
<PoV> oh noes, I broke a plate
<philhassey> PoV fails at NPLATE_SYNC_DISHWASHER
<hamumu> they're not NDISHWASHER_SAFE so they better be NSYNC
<PoV> This plate wasn't NGRAVITY_SAFE
<philhassey> you better call glDisable(GL_GRAVITY); next time
<PoV> I hear that's an expensive call.
<philhassey> better than having your plate crash

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