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<@PoV> Duh... no wonder I'm hungry. I haven't eaten yet tody.
<@PoV> stupid tody
<@PoV> I obviously need to get out more. I have these General Tao Chicken Microwave dinners. Whenever I'm making decisions on what to eat, I refer to them as "Zee General", and make an effort to speak that aloud in a gravely phony accent.
<Deepflame> :P
<@PoV> Zee General wants to give in my belly.
<@PoV> give=live
<@PoV> so many failure typos, so little tme
Keeyai [chatzilla@cpe-76-183-185-251.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #ludumdare
<Keeyai> i just scared the hell out of my girlfriend and mother
<SteelGolem> walking around naked?
<@philhassey> signing into #ludumdare ?
<Keeyai> i woke up with a sharp stomache pain
<SteelGolem> muttering something about Zee General

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